New law requires all ammo to be bought or transferred through a licensed ammo dealer.

 We sell ammo. We will be placing ammo orders on the 1st and the 15th of every month.  Cost will be MSRP plus tax and shipping.  For ammo not available through our distributors, you can order it form Lucky Gunner or your own place and have it shipped to us.  Please e-mail us  at and provide an exact description of your ammo with some alternates as well along with your contact info.  If having it transferred to us, we require you to make arrangements with us first. Thank you.

Fees are:  0-999 rounds is $10, 1,000 rounds and more are $40.

July 1, 2019  - All ammo is going to be required to go through CA DOJ background check. Click HERE for current laws.