Important Info on Transfers

If you intend to transfer firearms to us at All Terrain Firearms, contact us first to make sure we can facilitate your transfer and also verify it can be transferred to you in CA.  If you do not contact us first and we can not transfer it to you or we have to reject shipment due to it being illegal in CA you will be charged for us getting it returned to it's origin.  Most of the time we can beat prices from other sellers. We encourage you to buy directly through us at All Terrain Firearms for your protection against wrong firearms being shipped from non-California licensed firearms dealers.   

The process of the private party transfer is the background check is performed on the buyer first, if the buyer does not pass the seller is checked.  If neither passes background the firearm will be collected by law enforcement.  Please refer to our Sales page for more info on the background check process.  

 Items you need to transfer firearms in California:

  • You need to be eligible to posses firearms.  Click here for list of items to disqualify someone.
  • You need to be a CA resident with an Real ID card or Real Driver license. (NOT AB60) See here.
  • Proof of residency. Handguns require two forms, one for ATF(Federal) and one for CA DOJ. Long guns require just one, ATF (Federal)  Typically if your Real CA drivers license has your current physical address on it that works for ATF.  CA DOJ Requires one more for handguns. Click here for more info on this
  • You need a Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC).  If you don't have one, they are $25 and good for 5 years.  It is a 30 question test. Usually take 20 min to complete. Below is more info on this.
  • A CA approved safe or lock box. Click here for the list.  Most firearms come with CA approved locks, but sometimes they don't.  If yours does not, we have some locks for sale here. Theese range from $1-$30 depending on the action of your firearm.
  • Age. For long guns 18 years of age minimum. For handguns and receivers 21 years of age minimum.
  • Last but not least be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of safe handling of the firearm you purchase. Before receiving your new firearm you will be asked to demonstrate that you know how to keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction, keep your finger off the trigger, visually inspect if the chamber is loaded, load and unload the firearm, and know how to operate the safeties on the firearm if it has them. Before purchasing it is wise to rent the firearm your interested in, or in the least ask how the safeties are operated. If this is your first time handling a firearm we recommend taking some classes, before and after your purchase. 

240 Hour wait:    The background check is a 240 hour wait from the time we enter you and your firearm info into CA DOJ.  We cannot enter your background until you provide us the proper documents proving your residence in Califorina and we have possession of your firearm. You must also have the ATF form 4473 filled out here in our presence.   Once we enter your background (DROS) into CA DOJ there are no refunds on the $25 fee.  If you don't hear from us there is no problem with your background. When 240 hour wait is about over please contact us to setup a time for pickup.  You must pick up your firearm between day 10 and day 30 from the time we entered your background (DROS).  If you don't pick up your firearm by the 30 day mark (720 hours) you will incur a $75 fee and 240 hour wait along with redoing all paperwork.


 As soon as we receive it, we will contact you via e-mail or phone number provided. From that point you have 30 days to come in and start your background check (DROS).  More than 30 days here will incur monthly fees of $50 per month until the firearm enters DROS.  After 120 days the firearm will be considered abandoned and all rights will be surrendered to the firearm.   If you request the firearm sent back to origin you will be responsible for setting up the transfer and pay all costs to get it returned to the origin.