High Precision Wolverine Rifles and Actions by All Terrain Firearms!

We at All Terrain Firearms are proud to announce that we are now offering high precision wire EDM cut receivers named the Wolverine.

 Customized for your shooting preferences, each Wolverine action is a perfect combination of visionary design and precision manufacturing. For the shooter who wants exceptional accuracy. 

 Wolverine actions share these characteristics; all are a winning alternative to the Remington 700:

  • Close tolerance preserved: All material pre-hardened prior to machining to prevent changing tolerances during heat treat.
  • Receiver machined from one piece of pre-hardened 416SS.
  • Wire EDM-cut, full-length lug ways result in smooth bolt operation.
  • Bolt machined from one piece of pre-hardened 4340 chrome moly, and threaded for interchangeable knobs.
  • Primary extraction design significantly increases initial extraction and ensures smooth bolt cycling.
  • Bolt face diameters available for all standard and wildcat cartridges.
  • Extractors are M-16 type.
  • Designed for hinged floor plates, as well as detachable magazines and single shots.
  • Control-round feed available.
  • Multiple magazine well cuts available for all of today’s popular magazine types including hinged floorplates, detachable boxes or single shot.
  • Our sales team will assist you in choosing from among our 20+ options.
  • Right- and left-hand configurations available.