High Precision Wolverine Rifles and Actions by All Terrain Firearms!

We at All Terrain Firearms are proud to announce that we are now offering high precision wire EDM cut receivers the "Wolverine".  These receivers are manufactured by Defiance Machine for us.

 Customized for your shooting preferences, each Wolverine action is a perfect combination of visionary design and precision manufacturing. For the shooter who wants exceptional accuracy. 

 Wolverine actions share these characteristics; all are a winning alternative to the Remington 700:

  • Close tolerance preserved: All material pre-hardened prior to machining to prevent changing tolerances during heat treat.
  • Receiver machined from one piece of pre-hardened 416SS.
  • Wire EDM-cut, full-length lug ways result in smooth bolt operation.
  • Bolt machined from one piece of pre-hardened 4340 chrome moly, and threaded for interchangeable knobs.
  • Primary extraction design significantly increases initial extraction and ensures smooth bolt cycling.
  • Bolt face diameters available for all standard and wildcat cartridges.
  • Extractors are M-16 type.
  • Designed for hinged floor plates, as well as detachable magazines and single shots.
  • Control-round feed available.
  • Multiple magazine well cuts available for all of today’s popular magazine types including hinged floorplates, detachable boxes or single shot.
  • Our sales team will assist you in choosing from among our 20+ options.
  • Right- and left-hand configurations available.


Wolverine PRS .300 PRC - $7,050

Bleeds Performance


This rifle is not missing anything!  From the custom Defiance Machine Action thru the Bartlein Barrel and out the APA Brake.  All resting in a top of the line PRS stock the MasterPiece Arms BA Comp chassis.  All topped off with a Vortex RAZOR HD GenII optic!

No Corners Cut


This rifle is great for the 1,000 - Over a mile shot.

  • Chambered in the NEW Hornady .300 PRC!
  • Bartlein Match 30" Barrel
  • Trigger Tech Diamond trigger



All Terrain Firearms Wolverine action is manufactured by Defiance Machine.  They produce highest quality actions out there.  The Wolverine was named after the extremely tough and agile predator.  We are honored to have Defiance Machine manufacture these for us and proud to use their product!  

Controlled Round Feed


This type of extractor has control of the cartridge from the magazine to the chamber. This extractor setup is easily cleaned and very robust.

All Terrain Firearms


Every firearm we produce is fully hand fitted and machined.  Every firearm is built right here in Truckee, CA with pride.

3 Position Safety


The 3 position safety is able to lock the bolt shut and safety on, unlock the bolt with safety on, and safety off.  The safety is locking the firing pin it's self and not just the trigger.  This feature is great for range work and hunting uses.

Wolverine Sniper .300 Norma Magnum $7,050

Pinnacle of Perfection


If you want a carry type rifle that is extremely accurate and versatile, look no further than All Terrain's Sniper setup .



Strength all the way through, from the fiberglass stock from McMillan A5 to the Spuhr scope mount and Leupold Mark 5HD Scope.



There is virtually nothing on this rifle that is more durable.  All Terrain can put what your requests are in your rifle!



McMillan stocks offer many custom options, from butt plate to check rests to sling mounts and many others.  They are American made with quality.  



All Terrain offers almost an infinite amount of options for your custom rifle.  With Cerakote exclusively applied here, we offer a wide verity of colors and custom mixed colors for your rifle.   

Light Recoil


All Terrain Firearms uses American Precision Arms muzzle brakes due to there superior reduction in recoil.  

Wolverine Hunter .308 Win $4,500



From the precision rifle shooter, to the hunter.  All Terrain can build you your dream rifle.  You will not be disappointed!



With all you'll demand from your rifle, you can count on All Terrain to tailor your rifle to your needs.

Bottom Metal & Mags


This rifle uses Pacific Tool and Gauge (PTG) bottom metal.  There are many different manufactures of bottom metal.  All Terrain can provide you with your choice of bottom metal.

Custom Barrels


All Terrain can install the barrel of your choice.  Proof Research offers cut rifled barrels.



This rifle comes in at 8.4 pounds!  With it being so light it makes those long hike more comfortable during your hunt. 

Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber!  This rifle by All Terrain has a Stocky's M50 Carbon Fiber stock and a Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel.

Custom Rifles, Your Choice

We will build your custom rifle!

We can build your rifle, with your selections, on our custom "Wolverine" action manufactured by Defiance Machine.  Starting at $3,000


Scopes, Bottom metal, Magazines, etc.

  • There are so many combos out there and manufactures to list, inquire.

Contact us for more info.

Give us a call or email at (530) 308-8001 or john@allterrainfirearms.com or Contact us here.